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Generations of genetic selection under challenging African environmental conditions has produced a fish that has high heat and low oxygen tolerance. Our robust and hardy fish are well-known for their large egg size, excellent carcass yield and fast growth rates at high temperatures.

Trova Trout All Female Eggs

Trova Trout’s premium product with competitive pricing. Suitable for fresh-water production with water temperatures exceeding 16 ֯C. Genetic selection for Lactococcus garvieae resistance and high fillet yield. Depending on the supply groups, our egg size varies between 8,000 – 12,000 eggs per liter. Egg sizes are homogonous per order. Expected hatch rates of over 95%

Trova Trout Sterile Eggs (Triploid)

We produce sterile Rainbow and Brown trout eggs from May to mid-August. Our procedure involves pressure-shocking eggs after fertilization. This delicate and strictly controlled process allows us to guarantee an industry standard triploid success rate of ≥95%.

• Triploid eggs are all female
• No maturation concerns. This improves flesh quality and promotes faster growth rates to large sizes
• Fish are suitable for release without genetic impact, as the fish cannot breed with native populations
• Proven growth rate under challenging African conditions

Troutlodge™ Steelhead Genetics

We produce and distribute Troutlodge Steelhead genetics under licence which are available from May to September. All-female diploids and triploids can be ordered.

Troutlodge’s “Silver Steelhead” trout are specially bred to have a distinctive silver colour and excellent growth in both seawater and freshwater, making them ideal for use in net-pen operations.

For more information, please visit the Troutlodge™ website:

Trout “Caviar”

Trout “Caviar” or Roe is unfertilized trout eggs for human consumption. The caviar is produced using young female hens (less than 2 years old) and the eggs are therefore very small (≤12,000 per litre).

Trout “Caviar” has a balanced sweet and savoury flavour. The Caviar is lightly cured and has a firm exterior. They deliver a sensational pop on the palate adding textural theatre to any dish.