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the southern hemisphere advantage

Trova Trout is the Southern Hemisphere’s leading producer of eyed trout eggs. Each year we produce 100 million certified pathogen-free trout eggs from our production facilities in Kwa-Zulu Natal and Mpumalanga provinces of South Africa.

The company is backed and owned by Lunsklip Fisheries Group which is a third-generation family-owned business – pioneers in the South African aquaculture industry since 1972.

Our production site’s pristine mountain water allows our fish to express their natural spawning behavior. This promotes the best egg grade for our international customers. We supply premium quality Rainbow and Brown Trout eggs from May through to September.

Our Products


Generations of genetic selection under challenging African environmental conditions has produced a fish that has high heat and low oxygen tolerance. Our robust and hardy fish are well-known for their large egg size, excellent carcass yield and fast growth rates at high temperatures.

Trova Trout All Female Eggs

Trova Trout’s premium product with competitive pricing.
Suitable for fresh-water production with water temperatures exceeding 16 ֯C. READ MORE

Trova Trout Sterile Eggs (Triploid)

We produce sterile Rainbow and Brown trout eggs from May to mid-August
Our procedure involves pressure-shocking eggs after fertilization. READ MORE

Troutlodge™ Steelhead Genetics

We produce and distribute Troutlodge Steelhead genetics under licence which are available from May to September. All-female diploids and triploids can be ordered. READ MORE

Trout “Caviar”

Trout “Caviar” or Roe is unfertilized trout eggs for human consumption. The caviar is produced using young female hens (less than 2 years old) and the eggs are therefore very small (≤12,000 per litre). READ MORE

Disease Surveillance

All Trova Trout’s facilities are certified by the global authority on animal health known as the OIE. Routine sampling for OIE notifiable diseases occurs every six months under the watchful eye of Trova Trout’s assigned aquaculture veterinarian.

Live trout eggs as well as tissue samples from the liver, spleen, pyloric caeca, heart, kidney, and encephalon are taken.

The samples are submitted to the virology department of the Onderstepoort Veterinary Institute.

Virus isolation takes place on the RTG2, CHSE, and EPC cell lines.

Our Quality


Each egg is meticulously sorted using an advanced image-assisted egg sorting machine called a Prosorter.

Four photos are taken of each egg and sophisticated software is used to either accept or discard the egg. The Prosorter has a 97% accuracy rate, removing pin-eyed, glass, small, pale, and dead eggs.

Trova Trout’s dedicated staff hand-pick the remaining few unviable eggs before packaging to ensure that only the best quality eggs are delivered to our customers.


Our packaging consists of polystyrene egg trays with six egg compartments. The trays are enclosed in an isothermal polystyrene box which is finished with a tamper-proof cardboard outer-shell. The boxes are clearly marked with storage and handling instructions. We ensure a cool and humid environment in the boxes by adding trays of ice and gel-packs to each box. Our packaging has stood the test of time – with consistent transport capabilities of up to 5 days.

Who We Are


Our highly skilled staff, with decades of on-the-farm experience are testament to the high-quality ova that we produce. Known in South Africa as “The Trout People” our owners, staff and management continuously strive to improve each aspect of production. Professional customer service, on-time and hassle-free ova supply is what Trova Trout represents.

Why Choose Us?

• Natural spawning with supply from May – September
• Freshwater and saltwater genetics
• All-female diploid and triploid egg availability
• Hardy, fast growing fish with high temperature tolerance
• Large egg size with high hatch rate
• Global availability, full traceability
• Competitive pricing
• Tamper proof packaging with transport capabilities of up to 5 days
• Qualified and professional staff
• Complimentary technical assistance

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