Our Egg Trays


Our packaging consists of polystyrene egg trays with six egg compartments. The trays are enclosed in an isothermal polystyrene box which is finished with a tamper-proof cardboard outer-shell.

The boxes are clearly marked with storage and handling instructions. We ensure a cool and humid environment in the boxes by adding trays of ice and gel-packs to each box. Our packaging has stood the test of time – with consistent transport capabilities of up to 5 days.

Our packaging is available in two sizes: standard and small.

Standard 50,000 -100,000 eggs: six (6) trays with dimensions of 66cm x 41cm x 35cm with a weight of 13-15kg per box

Small 5,000 – 50,000 eggs: four (4) trays with dimensions of 66cm x 41cm x 26.5cm with a weight of +- 10kg per box